Magic Rainbow Hug Weather Motions

Janet Courtney is a one who loves children. She writes books and teaches parents, among others, to do healing activities with children. She is offering our very stressed mother some activities that will calm children and the mothers at the same time.  We are happy she has offered the gifts of her work to our mothers and children.

Janet started her work because she had been a stressed child herself without access to words or activities to release her feelings and she offer calm, connection to love and healing to other children everywhere in the world. Her books are an embrace from her to you.

Sample Weather Motions

Copyright Janet A. Courtney and Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies.
Draw an outline: Person or animal on the back of the child.  WM1
Sun: With a fist, make a circle on the middle back; then draw “rays” out in all directions.  WM2
Running: Move your fingers around on the back as if the child or animal was playing.  Running
Clouds: With two fingers make an outline of three clouds on the upper back.  Clouds
Shelter: Draw an outline of the shelter with your finger and then run your fingers across the back into the shelter. Emphasize the words safe and protected.  Shelter
Wind: Move your hand from side to side first with the flat palm and then with the back of your hand.  Wind
Rain: With both hands begin at the shoulders and stroke downward with your finger pads. .  RAin
Hail: Use your fingertips and playfully bounce up and down at different spots on the back.  Hail
Lightning: Take your fists and make long zig-zags motions starting at the top of the shoulder and moving back and forth across the spine to the bottom of their back.  Lightning
Thunder: Take your fists and lightly pound across the shoulder top and down the sides of the back taking care not to hit the spine. Adjust your touch to the needs of the child. Most children—and adults like this part. *At this point I try to have the child use sound on the exhale like an Ahhhhhh…Make the sounds with them too.  THUNDER
BREATHING ACTIVITY: Along with the child, take three deep long breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your mouths. Pretend you are blowing bubbles. Play a fun game of who-can-blow-out-the-breath–the-longest.  Breathing
Swirling Leaves: Start at the base of the spine and using your fist make circular swirling motions moving up the spine to the top. Repeat this three times.
Rainbow: At this point engage the child in the naming of the colors. Use your fists to make long sweeping half circles across the back beginning below the shoulder blades to the opposite side of the back. Do the sweeping motion for each color and say the name of the color out loud.  RAinbow
Melting Rainbow: Engage the child in naming where all the colors go and have the child place his or her hands on the spots. Some examples are the top of the head; the face (forehead, nose, eye brows, ears, mouth, checks), the throat, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, each finger, palms, knees, feet and each toe. The last place the beautiful rainbow flowed–was to (his/her) heart. Have the child place both of their hands over the heart.  Melting Rainbow

*NOTE: The parents are always reminded that the “BACK Story” component is always given with the child’s permission. Simply asking a child if they would like to be told a “BACK Story” is an easy way to begin: For example, “Hey, would you like for me to tell you the BACK Story of “The Magic Rainbow Hug?” If they say “Yes” or another type of affirmative answer—then you have the child’s permission.

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