Women March in Nairobi

Our partner, Grace Ngotho in Nairobi, Kenya recorded her participation in the Women’s March. Their path took the women through the area reforested by Kenyan professor Wangari Maathi, Ph.D. a Nobel Prize winning woman environmental activist. Grace supported mothers marching with small children and tells us these marches are so important because women in Kenya hold less value than donkeys.

Grace is an activist who has been working for years with women both in and out of prison, desperately poor and with abandoned children, even when she herself needed support. She is quite a woman – she holds an advanced degree even though her tribe that does not allow girls an education. NGOs, like Save the Children, did save Grace because of her keen intelligence, she stood out from others as a candidate to receive an education. Grace is a leader who goes out of her way on all levels to help and empower women. She is selfless and kind with a keen sense of humor which makes our connection meaningful and fun.

Thank you, Grace!